Luci In The Sky With Demons

I like movies, angels, and scary things


I STILL LIKE YOU EVEN WHEN YOU’RE SAD: something that bears repeating. Your intrinsic value as a human isn’t diminished just because you’re depressed. You are worthy of love, even though you feel unloveable. I swear. 


Dipper summons a demon who possess Mabel. The longer they are bonded, the less control Mabel has. He never should have trusted it. Even if he could remove it, how much left would be Mabel? He can no longer trust her. 

Have a super lazy comic. These poor kids. I just really like possessed children, even if it’s not by Bill.


crushes are painful


crushes are painful

"I like how…."
— me when I don’t like how (via oikawabooru)


I’m playing sims and my sim is supposed to be writing a fan fic but he’s playing computer games instead. At first I was mad, but then the irony of the situation hit me. I only turned on my computer in the first place to work on a destiel fic but I ended up playing sims.


Decorated the dorm super spooky this year